How to Add a Site in to Flipboard (Step by Step)

Flipboard is one of the great website which you can get additional traffic in to your site . In here you can create a seperate boards and also able to add your website details and link in here. Today we are going to explain Add a Site in to Flipboard  step by step process . Hope that follwing these step would create a greate backlinks and additional traffic to your site.

Add a Site in to Flipboard

First you need to get register on flipboard https://flipboard.com/and later login in to this site.  Click the pencil button show in right handside top bar to create a new post in to the site.

Create a Flipboard Magazine

After you click the pencil button you will move on to new tab which look like follwoing . In here you can add a Magazine (board to post the content) and above that you can see there is a box to put comment or website.

Create at New Post to Flipboard Magazine

By clicking “Create New Magazine” a new tab will display like bellow. You can add a Title for new magazine and also add a small discription of it. Its essentia to make Public the Magazine as shown in bellow picture.


To create a post in to relevent Magazine , create a nessary text link following or just add your website url. Then select the Magazine which you crated to add your post into.  Then Finally click post button to publish your content.

By following the mentioned methods you can easily creat a post under filpboad magazine.