Google analyitc code add

How to add google analytics to website (WordPress)

Google analytics in one of the best statical reasearch tool for your website. This site will give comprehensive details which is essential on tracking your site statics. This service is completely free and you can check 50 property (50 websites) on this google analytics. Following are step by step process on how to add google analytics to website step by step.

Google Analytic Setup (add google analytics to website)

Step 1 : Go to google analytics and create an account . Then go to google analytics section. In here you can see several sections such as Home, Reporting, Customizing , Admin. Click the admin section

Step 2 : After you clicking Admin button you will able to display a tab like following . this tab is categorised in to three section . In middle (Property section) click the scroll down button and in last part you can see a link call “Create new property” and click that link.

add google analytics to website

Step 3 : After you click the Create New Property link you will go in to new tab like following. In here you need to add your website Name , URL and other necessary information. Click the blue button  call “Get Tracking ID” button

Step 4: After you click the Get Tracking ID button a new tab will open and in this tab under website tracking section customized tracking code is generated for your website. Now what you need to do is put this code in to your WordPress site. For that we use a plugin call “Header and footer” .

Header and Footer Plugin Settings

Step 5 : There is a famous plugin which call Header and Footer in WordPress plugin section and first you need to install this plugin and activate it.

heder and footer wp plugin

Step 6: By going to settings and there is Header and Footer section under it and click  and following tab will appear. So what all you need to do is just enter your previously customised google code under the <HEAD> Section  and save it.

header and footer plugin

Now you have compleated the compleat process of put the google analytic codes in to your website. It will take maximum one to two days to show your website stats which depending on your traffic status. Now you know how to add google analytics to website.