Add Theme on Wordpress Site

How to Add Theme on WordPress Site

In here we are going to discuss how to Add Theme on WordPress Site website and WordPress Settings to Perfom . The main purpose of the theme is to have a great look in to your website. There are thousands of free and paid themes available on internet.  In first We will discuss how to install a theme on WordPress.

How to Add Theme on WordPress Site  On Your Website

Step 1 : After you log in to WordPress dashboard you can see in left side there are some icon and call “Appearance” . So Click it and it get other sub menus, in this sub menu click the “Themes” sub menu.

Step 2 : By default there are several theme available on this site . For example theme link Twenty Sixteen , Twenty Fifteen Theme. To add another theme what all you want to do is click the “Add New Them ” button on this site.

Step 3 : By clicking now you can see several themes under sub sections such as Featured, Popular , Latest , Favorite. By search you can also have some more free themes on WordPress. So in here what you need to do is just select the them by looking its basic appearance.

Step 4 : Once you select a theme that suit for your website just bring the curses on to the tumbling of the theme so you can see it will auto generate tumbling like to Install and Preview button. By clicking preview button you can preview the changes of your theme according to your site . If you are really like the site theme you can install it by clicking blue color install button.

Step 5 : To apply this them in to your current website what all you need to do is just click the Blue color activate button in your selected site them.

By doing this process you can simply add any free them available in WordPress site on just few minutes.

How to add third party WordPress theme on your site.

Before you going to other third party word pres them you need to search on what are the themes which suites for your site. There are so many great website themes available on sites like website and you can download lots of resource.

Step 1: First in here you can get some zip file which contain theme on these paid or non paid theme sites. So the first thing you need to do is download the relevant zip file of the theme.

Step 2 : In above  “How to add Free WordPress Theme On Your Website” shown that do the step 1 and step 2 process and in here you can get a how to add a theme in to your WordPress site . In here there is a button call “Upload Theme” at top so just click that button.  In here there is another button generated “Browser” all what you need to do is click that button and upload your theme zip file in to this browser and install it by another button call “Install Now”

Step 3: It will take several seconds to several minutes to intall your theme in to your wordpress site . After you properly install the them there will be message display like bellow. To apply the theme in to your current website all you need to do is click the activate link shown in bellow figure.