Add Wordpress in to Google Search Console

How to submit website to google through search console

Google is the king of search engine . Its essential to submit website to google for better search engine optimization. The step by step guide show in here how do this method.

Step by step methods to submit website to google

Step 1: Go to google search engine console (previously webmaster tools) and you will see a apperace like bellow. From that there are a button call ” ADD A PROPERTY” shown in left hand corner .  So click that red color button.

Step 2 : Then a dialog box will display like bellow . And you need to add your website doman name in this box and click add button.

Step 3 : There will by a tab open to Verify your site and this will show your ownership of your site. There are several methods which can use to verify this site and in here Im using HTML Tag method.

Step 4: To open HTML tag methods first click alternate methods section and in here you can see HTML tag button . Once You click the check box of HTML tag there are a customized code will generate and what all you need to do is add this code in to your website. Dont veirfy untill you add the code in to your site.

Step 5 : There is a famous pluging which call Header and Footer in wordpress pugin section and first you need to install this pugin and activate it.

Step 6 : By going to settings and there are Header and Footer section under it and click  and following tab will appear. So what all you need to do is just enter your previously customised google code under the <HEAD> Section  and save it.

Step 6 : After you add your code in to your site then finally you need to click verify button of the the Google Search Console Tab .

If you have done the process sucessfully your site will be visible on you google search engine console .