How to add your site in to blog directory (Bloglovin)

Bloglovin is another famous blog directory site and you can also create a good traffic on this site too.  This is one of the blog directory you should How to add your site in to blog directory because it can create genuine traffic and high quality backlink to your site. Following are the step by step process how to add your site in to bloglovin.

First go to the bloglovin site and get register yourself. Then login in to this site .

Once you get login to bloglovin you site appearance look like this . To add your site in bloglovin you need to click the drop down button under My Blogs section.

In this drop down section there is an option call “add another blog ” So click this link to add a site in to bloglovin.


You only need to enter your blog url and enter the link in to the site. Just enter the site in to bloglovin isn’t enough. You need to verify that you own this site too. For that you need to claim the site.



After you enter the site  the site will display like bellow screen shot . To claim the site in right hand side of the tab there is a link call “Claim it” . So click this link to claim the site .



Once you click claim link the autogenerated code will appear like following and you need to copy this code and need to paste it in your website. Dont click the “Claim Blog ” Button untill you install the code in to your website


To add this code in to your site you need to create a new post and past the code under “Text” section Not under “Visual” section.  Then you need to publish this post.  After you publish the post you can click the “Claim Blog” button to add your site in to bloglovin .

Once you have successfully add the site you will see the setting page  for blog lovin like bellow image.  You can add details to this setup page and connect necessary  social media too.

After you complete the claim your blog you can delete the post which include the code of bloglovin site. Now you can add your site in to blog directory bloglovin very easily within short time period.