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Broken Link Building Method (Advanced Backlink Building)

Broken Link Building method is one of the powerfull advanced backlink creation method . In this method its plan to create backlink on others sites by email them on their borken link and kindly request them to change it on your website address. Following are step by step method to do this Broken Link Building.

Step by step Broken Link Building Method

Step 1 : Install Chrome Extension Call ” Check My Links

Check My Links


Step 2 : Go to google and find search strings like

” Keyword”+ “Helpful Resources”
” Keyword” + ” Resources”
Keyword+ inurl:links

Resources links+ Keyword


“useful links”
“useful resources”
“useful sites”
“useful websites”
“recommended links”
“recommended resources”
“recommended sites”
“recommended websites”
“suggested links”
“suggested resources”
“suggested sites”
“suggested websites”
“more links”
“more resources”
“more sites”
“more websites”
“favorite links”
“favorite resources”
“favorite sites”
“favorite websites”
“related links”
“related resources”
“related sites”
“related websites”
intitle:”useful links”
intitle:”useful resources”
intitle:”useful sites”
intitle:”useful websites”
intitle:”recommended links”
intitle:”recommended resources”
intitle:”recommended sites”
intitle:”recommended websites”
intitle:”suggested links”
intitle:”suggested resources”
intitle:”suggested sites”
intitle:”suggested websites”
intitle:”more links”
intitle:”more resources”
intitle:”more sites”
intitle:”more websites”
intitle:”favorite links”
intitle:”favorite resources”
intitle:”favorite sites”
intitle:”favorite websites”
intitle:”related links”
intitle:”related resources”
intitle:”related sites”
intitle:”related websites”
inurl:”useful links”
inurl:”useful resources”
inurl:”useful sites”
inurl:”useful websites”
inurl:”recommended links”
inurl:”recommended resources”
inurl:”recommended sites”
inurl:”recommended websites”
inurl:”suggested links”
inurl:”suggested resources”
inurl:”suggested sites”
inurl:”suggested websites”
inurl:”more links”
inurl:”more resources”
inurl:”more sites”
inurl:”more websites”
inurl:”favorite links”
inurl:”favorite resources”
inurl:”favorite sites”
inurl:”favorite websites”
inurl:”related links”
inurl:”related resources”
inurl:”related sites”
inurl:”related websites”

This could take time to find a resouce page under your keyword which contains others links on that site.

Step 3 : Go to that resource page which got links of other sites and click the check mylink button. Now you can see if there are any broken link will display on red color.

Click the link and verify weather that website is not actually work.

broken link check

 Step 4 :Find the contact email address of website owner.

Use  14 Ways to Find Any Email Address Guide to find the email address of the site owner.

Step 5 : Reach out a email outreach about the brokenlink about the site owner and tell about your site

Sample Template ( Source From
Hi < Name of Site Owner>

Im looking for some information’s on <TOPIC> today when I came across your list of <TOPIC> resources.

Great stuff!

I couldn’t help out notice that there was a broken link on the page:

<Broken Link Url>

I just thought you’d like to know.

Also, I recently published a guide on <TOPIC> . It might make a nice addition to your page.

Either Way, Keep up the awesome work!

Thank you

Step 6 : Keep track of your email out reach on excel sheet for future reference

  1. Site Url:
  2. Name of the Contact person:
  3. Email Address:
  4. Date of emailed:


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