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Creat Your Own Email List On WordPress By Using HellowBar

Today wer are going to explain how to create your own email list with excellent designs for free of charge. There are several premium email service available for have a good relationship with your target audience.  HelloBar is one of the newly introduced email list service which you can try on for free. Following are step by step process to how to create your own email list service for your new WordPress site.

Step By step Process

Step 1 : Go to the site https://www.hellobar.com/  and get register yourself with that site. For that you can enter your website Url which you plan to create email list and login with google.


Step 2 : After you successfully get register in to HellowBar login to this site. In top bar you can see there is a section call site. click the drop down box and you can see there is a link call “Add New Site”  . So click this button to enter your new site. In beginning if you have created a site login ignore this method.


email providers list


Step 3 :  To create new site you need to add your site url in here with the specific time region. Then click the button call “Create Site”



Step 4 : There are several service provide by Hellobar apart from creating and grow you email the list. In here you can promote a sale, Talk to your visitor and Get Facebook like services. But in this article I’m going to explain how to create an Email list. So click the button on “Grow You Mailing List”.

free email lists for marketing


Step 5 : Now you are going to the setting for the email preview of your site need to show. For that you need to add some basic settings bellow. You can also use the default settings too, but I’m highly suggest to create a unique simple one . For example

What Should your Hellow Bar Says? :  Get email updates… it’s free

What should the button says? Get instant access

After you do this process click the continue button.

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Step 6 : In setting section for chose input field select the “Email” because you are tried to collect the email list.

Step 7 :There are  several styles you can select to show in your website . So select one which suit for your site.

email lists for sale

Step 8 : Chose the colors of your message look like . You can customize this according to your web template.
email mailing list

Step 9 : Target the audience for everyone who visit the site. targeted email lists


Step 10 : Once you have successfully compleat the process you will receive a message like this . So Click the Download button which include your codes for WordPress sites.

email marketing lists

Step 11 : Once you have download the plugin then go to the Plugin section of WordPress and upload this plugin in to your site.

Step 12 : Once you have successfully compleat the process you website will look like following. For my site I have use the Small message box at right hand side corner of the bottom.

By following the mention process you can install hello bar to your site and able to create your own email list by doing this process.