How To Create Your Own Domain in Five Minutes (Five Simple Methods)

Today we are going to explain Create Your Own Domain by using domain regeistration service. Dynadot is one of the good website for domain registration and its quite easy and simple method to get register your domain name on it.

Step By step Method

Step 1: Go to the website . So you can see the following view of the website. From that you need to search or type your preferred domain name in this box “Find Your Domain Name” and click search

Step 2: After your search you may find that your domain name is available or not . I normally preferred .com domain . For my search domain name is available . So Im going to select that domain to create my domain.

Step 3:  Select the domain and add you can go to their check out point to pay for the domain name which you are select.

Step 4: In here you can see there are several payment methods . Which you can process so select one payment method which you are wish to check out.


Step 5 : After you do the proper payment method you can have your own domain name by use of dynadot site.

By using this simple five steps you can easily crate your own domain name in dynadot. Dyanadot is not the only website which provide the facility to gain domain names. There are so many domain registration service which you can try.