create your own email domain

How to create your own email domain by using hostgator

There are several free service which you can create free email such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail ect. Today Im going to explain a way how to create your cusomized your own email domain by using hostgator.  This method can apply if you are use hostgator for your hosting services for domain name. For one domain you can create one email account .

Six Easy Steps to create your own email domain

Step 1:  First login to the c panel of hostgator and then go to the email section . In email section you can see several icons and in here you need to click the icon “Email Account” which highlighted as shown in following figure.
create your own email domain

Step 2: After you click the Email Account Section new tab will open . In here you need to fill up all the nessary informations related to you new email address.  Enter “Create Account ” Button after compleat your informations.  Normally the email will look like

Step 3 :  Your newly created email accounts will apper like this you can create one email account for one domain. And your domain email list apper like follwoing image.

Step 4 : To get enter in to your email account what all you need to do is click the “More” blue color dropdown menue and in here click the Access Webmail in here.

step 5 :  A new tab will apper and in here there are three webmail system will open like below figure. So select one of  webmail application to enter in to your domian email.

Step 6:  Now you can see you newly created customized domain name emil in here.  You can redive any email or compose any email by using this new email account.

Now you create your own email domain in hostgator service and you can use this email address for any mail purose.