How to do google fetching for better and instant ranking

Normally google rank their search engine through a method call google bot. This google bot finds each and every page of our site on random manner. So ranking takes time for the new website. There is a manual way that google bot can find our site very easily so it’s easy to rank our website. This method is available on our google search console. I Have already discussed several articles regarding google search console. Today we are a plan to discuss how to Google fetching our site on google search engine and index it.

Step1: For that you ned to log in to google search console and select the necessary website to do fetching under this section go to Crawl and then go to Fetch as Google. (Like bellow image)

Step 2: If you create your site and need to index your site on google, you just need to homepage keep it blank and fetch it. ¬†After you click fetch button your site will display at the path section so again click the button call” Request Indexing”

Step 3: Once you click the button call “Request Indexing” a dialog box will appear like button and you need to verify under Captcha and crawl by using one method and click Go Button.

Step 5: If you have successfully done the indexing part your site will request to index on google like bellow image. Don’t over do this method and remember you have some limited quota on google to do this fetching work.

By performing these methods you can easily fetch and index your result on google fast.