Google Plus For Promote Your Website Article

Google Plus is one of the leading social media site powered by Google. There are great ways to promote your articles on this site and In here we are a plan to discuss methods to it.

  1. Login Google Plus Account: Once you log in you can preview an interface like a bellow screenshot.  In here you can see several icons like Collection, Communities, Profile etc. We are a plan to discuss these on step by step.

Google + Collection

If you click Google collection you can able to preview interface like bellow.

Google Plus

In here you can see several Sections such as Featured, Following, Yours. In the search area, you can find out what is the collection available for your related search. If you are like any collection click the “FOLLOW” and then it will appear in the Following section of the Google Plus collection.

Create a Google Plus Collection 

Click “YOURS” Section of the google plus collection to create a new collection.

Now in here, you can see a Plus sign with a “Create a Collection” tab. So cilck this icon to create a collection. Then another tab will apper like bellow. Fill the relevent information here and click the button call “CREATE”

Another tab will apper whcich you can customized according to your wish. By clicking camera icon you can add a cover page for your Google plus collection.


Now your New Google Collection will appear like bellow screenshot.

To add a post to your Google Plus collection you can click the green pen icon in the bottom of the page and if you click this button a new tab will appear to post the type of content into your Google plus collection.

After you fill the relevant posts to promote your preview will like bellow screen shot and all you need to do is click blue colored post button to submit your post into Google collection.

Finally, You have created a Google Collection Page of your own