How to add your sitemaps in to Google Search Console

It is essential to add your website in to google search console. Without you add your site in to google, it’s really difficult to rank in google. By submitting your site in to google we are showing that we have creat a site and its better to rank it on google . Following are step by step process on how to add our  site on google search console (former webmaster tool)

steps 1: First go to your site on google search console and you can see on right hand corner there is a table call “bitmaps” so click this tab.

Step 2: Now a new tab will open and in here you can see a red button call “ADD/TEST SITEMAP” you need to click this button to add site map . But before that we need to create site map . For that we can use simple word press plugin.

Step 3: Go to plugin section and add ” Google XML Sitemaps” plugin and activate this plugin.


Step 4: Go to setting section and click “XML-Sitemap” link to go to that section . 

Step 5 : Now you can see that you have creat your sitemap for your website . normally the url of site map is look like

Step 6 : Now you need to add your site map to google search console ,So on search console by clicking “ADD/TEST SITEMAP” there is a small tab will open to put your site map and you need only enter your site map and then check test . when all ok click submit button.

* Bonus Tip: In most case google take time  to summit your site and index . But your can instantly index your site in to google by doing following tips. for that you need to go to Crawl—> Fetch as Google

Now add your sitemap.xml on the text box and click the fetch and render button to submit .

After you submit you can index force on webmaster tool too.

Hope that you have gain some good knowledge on how to submit your site in to google fast and easily.