How to create high pagerank backlinks on Open street Map

Today we are plan to discuss on create high quality profile backlink from the map website. is high authrative web site and the high pagerank backlinks of this site create a good value for your current website.

Step by step method to create high pagerank backlinks on

Step 1: First go to website and click the “sign up” button to get register.
high pagerank backlinks

Step 2 : Fill the relevent necessary information in the registration form of the Open Street Map website.

Step 3 : Agree the relevant terms and condition of the website and click Agree Button.

open street map

Step 4 : Once you have successfully compleated the form you will receive and confirmation email from website . So go to your email and confirm the link form that site. 

Step 5 : After you confirm the email . Get login in to the website . In this site left hand corner you can see your profile drop down link. So click the drop down button and click the My Setting link . high pagerank backlinks open street map

Step 6 :  In my setting section fill the necessary details and in Profile description section there are a box to write a you description. This is the place you need to create your backlink .

Step 7 : Create a genuine content about yourself and to add a link follow the instruction given by the site. To add a Link You need to use the structure like [Text](Url) . Following image show how to add the link in to your profile description. high pagerank backlinks Once you have successfully compleated your profile you will see your profile page like this. In here you can see the link with your profile.  This profile link became the backlink on this high page authorative site. 

To get the maximum benefit of the backlink you need to get more active in this website. By using this simple method you can create a high pagerank backlinks for free.