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How to Create High PR backlink on Google Plus

Google puls is one of the most famou social media and this site is owned by google. This site is traffic generation macine and you can also create lots of brand authority on this google plus.  Today we are going to explain  to create extreemly powerfull High PR backlink on Google Plus proflie.

Login Google Plus

to create a High PR backlink on Google Plus first you need to go to your google plus account. If you have googe account you can easily create google plus account. So get log in to your google plus account and then move in t profile section of the site.

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Click About Link

Under profile sectoin you can see there is a link call “About” which highlighted. So Click this about link

Once you click the about link you will go to the tab which mentioned your details. In here you can add informations about your self. To create a backlink you need to go the to story section . To edit the story you need to click on the pencil icon on the right hand side .

In here you can create a tagline and also introduction about your self. In here I have created a brief discription about my self. So by selection proper anchor text in your introduction at your story you can create a link. To create a link use link icon which highlighted bellow.

High PR backlink on Google PlusThis profile link at Google plus is extreemly powerfull and dont try to overuse link under this profile. Jus add one or two links only on this section.  Hope that your have gain some good knowlede on how to create high PR backlink on Google Plus.