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How to create high quality backlink Q&A site (Quora)

In backlink generation process the question and answer sites also play one of the major role. There are several  backlink Q&A site in online world and the most famous of them are Quora. Today we are discuss on how to create high quality backlink Q&A site .  Quora is one of the most famous and best Q&A site which got lot of popular due to its unique features.

Step 1: First go to and get register yourself. You can also get register by using your facebook profile too and its pretty easy to get register in quora.

quora sign in with facebook

Step 2 : Once you have successfully register at Quora here are the way to create a backlink to your site. Before you build a backlink you need to give an answer for the question in the quora community. For that in search box creat an answer type related to article which you plan to build backlink.

Since my article related on how to create email domain I ask a question like “How Can I Create My Own…” .Now you can see quora give several suggestions .

When these suggestion are not satisfied you can also click the search button at the bottom of the search bar.

make money with quora


Step 3 : Once you have found the relevent question to your article see there are a button call “Answer” to give your opinion or answer for the question.



Step 4 : By clicking the answer button you can see a new tab open to write answer or opinion for the question. So write some text in this answer box.

Remember more details comprehensive answer get good view and this got interaction between the quora community too. So take time and write good quality answer in here.

To improve the efficiency you can also add images too . You can add image by click the right hand side of the bar which highlight in bellow image.


Step 5: Once you have completely created your answer you can put a link to your site. to do this what you need to do is to select the relevent anchor text which you want to add a link and then click the link button on the right hand corner which next to image upload button.


high quality backlink Q&A site

Once you have click the link button you will see the bar to enter your url like following image. So enter your url here and click add.  By using following instruction you can easily create high quality backlink Q&A site.  This will also lead to have good back link as well as target traffic in to your site .  Remember Dont try to overuse this method like spamming. Give high quality answer give great result on this method.

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