how to build a wordpress website of your own (Step By Step)

In our previous articles we have discussed how to get a domain name and link that domain name into hosting.

How To Create Your Own Domain in Five Minutes (Five Simple Methods)

Today we are going to discuss how to build a wordpress website . I personally use Hostgator for my hosting purposes and in here I’m going to discuss how to install wordpress by using hostgator.


Step by step method to how to build a wordpress website of your own

Step 1 : first got to the cpanel of your website for that what you can do  got to the cpanel of hostgator hosting service by login. Now you can see the platform like this. Before we add wordpress we need to add our domain in to hostgator for that you need to click “Addon Domains” under domain section.


Step 2 : After you click “Addon Domain” you will receive a new tab like this . Now you need to enter necessary details in to his . Just enter your new domain name here . Subdomain and Document  Root will auto generate.


Step 3: After you add your domain successful Click the “WordPress Installer” on Essentials section on your cpanel.


Step 4 : In New tab you need to select your domain from Drop down menu bar and select proper domain name which you previously add in to hosting.


Step 5 : You need to enter following details to wordpress based website and after that click Install Now button.



It will take few minutes to install wordpress



After installation you will see your username and password for your website which generated here and you will also receive necessary login information’s with email too. You can login in to your website by just enter /wp-admin after your website name (Eg:
Hope that you have get some understanding on how to create wordpress website easily.