Important WordPress Settings to Perfom Before Your First Posts

After Loging the first appearance of your WordPress site look like this . The left sidebar shows the necessary settings of your WordPress site. You can change a lot of things by doing properly adjust this Important WordPress Settings.  Before you start creating posts on sites you need to create several adjustment on settings. In this posts we are plan to discuss several Important WordPress Settings which need to do before publish you first post.

General Important WordPress Settings Setup

Change the necessary general settings first you need to click the Setting and then click the General sub section in here. Following image display how to do it.


WWW. Add on To WordPress URL

After you  click the General under the Setting section you can view new tab open wich mentioned General Setting. In here you can see the tagline are default “just another WordPress site” you can delete this tagline or add a new tagline which suite for your site.

The URL address of this site show in . Personally I normally add www. part in to my website. So the URL look link this . This step in not necessary its better if you can add this www. part in to your url.

once you change you url in to www. from you will log out and login again on for this new domain prefix.

Change Pass Word In WordPress

In hosting they created autogenerated complex password which really hard to remember. It’s also really difficult to remember the default password and type it in every time. In WordPress you can also add a new pass word which memorable for you.

For that all you need to do is Go to User -> Your Profile under left side of the dashboard like show in bellow figure.

Then Got to Account Management section in new tab. In here you can see there is a button call “Generate Password” section . So click this button and change the password according to your wish.

Change Permalink Settings

Permalink is the url structure of your website. this is really important in the aspect of SEO. To find out your permalink setting you can just got to Setting->Permalink in dashboard. In the Permalink tab there are several permalink settings show which  you can apply. Normally I would like to suggest to change in to post name type which is really simple url structure which is really important in search Engine optimization process wich we will discuss in future articles.

Hope that you have understanding on some several basic settings which you need to adjust before to crate perfect wordpress based website.