How to Create and Promote Infographic for Backlinks

Infograpic is now getting much popular and its also one of the easy way to get promote your content. Another great advantage of Infographic for Backlinks are this is heavily use for generate back links and other promotions .  In this article we are plan to mention step by step guide how to create and publish great infographic on your site. This also include the way to promote your infograhic too.

Step 1: Create  Infographic for Backlinks

There are so many paid and free ways to create infograpic.

If you are not much familiar with design you can also hire a freelancer to create a infograpic to your site.

In here we are used to create infographic using which is free way to create great infographic.

So log in to canva under design section select infographic, There are several sample infograhic show in here and you can create one with less effort.

Step 2: Create Code for Infographic

After you have create your infograpic it is essential to create code .

because these codes will help to share your infographic and also able to create high quality back links.

To creat infograpic we are use siegemedia which is a free resouce to create the codes for infograpic.

  1. Go to and you need to add necessary information in here.

Site Name: Enter the Name of your site

Post Url: Enter the url of your site

Enter the Image url :

Firt load the image in to your site by using insert media

Then under image detail section in display setting Set Link to in to media file and copy the image url and copy that in to IMAGE URL : of seigemeida.

You can also create ALT text under Alternative Text in this image detail code and also copy and paste that in to Seigemedia post too.

I have create a sample Infographic for Backlinks  and finally in siegemedia embeded code generator it look like this . Once you have complete import necesscessary information copy the Red color code under “Use this Code” section

Step3: Past the Code on WordPress

in here go the the post which you need to add the infographic. Insted of Visual click the text button which show the html preview of your article.

You need to paste the copied code which generated in Seigemedia code generater at appropirate location. In here you can see I have add in between the conten under highlighte area.

Befor enter this embedded code remember to add the image in your website and bellow that image enter this code.

Step 4: Infographic for Backlinks


Email Outreach Template 1

Subject : Regarding your ( Name of The Article)

Dear ________ ,

I stumbled upon your (Name of the Site Owner Article with link) article and have to say that it’s the most comprehensive I’v seen in the subject! .

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