How to Install CommentLuv Plugin and Increase Number of Comments

Comment luv is one of the important plugin to install on your WordPress site. Install CommentLuv Plugin in to your site will difinetly increase the number of comment in to your site. There are so many other commenting plugins like discus, But the most of the backlinks on comments are fall under Nofollow category.  The link create under commentluv are do follow backlink which enhance good opportunity for those who put comment on your site.  because they can also submit their website in the comment and under the comment the latest post of that site will display.

Install CommentLuv Plugin

This is kind of win win situation for you and your audience who put comment.First go to WordPress plugin section and search for “CommentLuv”. Once you find the correct plugin (See Bellow Screenshot) Install and activate the plugin.

Setup the settings

To create additional setup of the commenluv plugin go to the Settings and commenluv under it. You can set up the necessary settings for commentluv By looking the setup pages of comment luv. Setup the Enable Commentluv section to Yes to insert commentluv settings for site.

Check the Plugin Works

After you have successfully compleated to this setup process go to your one of the blog post again and check that the this plugin activated successful. If your comment section show like bellow screenshot which include plugin badge your site is commentluv activated.

So by following mentioned simple steps you can add commentluv plugin in to your site. This plugin will defiantly helpful to increase the number of comments in to your website.