How to make your own pin board on Pintrest (step by step)

Pintrest is one of the famous social media site for images. This site gets huge popular among website owners because it traffic generation machine.  There are so many successful bloggers get lots of traffic through this platform. Today I will discuss how to make your own pin board and how to create a pins inside the pintrest board for get more traffic for your site.

Before we go in to step by step process first you need to get register in to pintrest account . For that go to and get register you self. Later put your user name and password and get login.

How to make your own pin board

Step 1: After you login there will be a platform display “Boards” this is kind of gallery which put all your pins (images) . To create a pintrest board click the red color plus button under create board section

create pinterest account

Step 2 :  After you click to create a bord new tab will open. You need to put a name on the board which you are wish to create. There is a button call secret optionally . If you want to see your pins only for you k this Secret button from  No to Yes. Unless keep it No for publish your pin publically.

make your own pin board

How to create Pins inside the Board

Step 3 : After you successfully create your board you can add pins in to board. Pins is kind of image which link in to that  link. To upload a pin you can click the  pus sign under the relevent board.

Step 4 : Once you click the Save Pin button a new tab will open and say where you want to upload your image. There is two icon call” The Web” and ” Your Device” . To bookmark your image on pintrest click the Web icon. 


Step 5 : Once you click the web icon you can go to another tab which enable to put your website link which contain the images to pin on pintrest.  So enter the web url and click the next button

Copy Web URL
Past the Url
Click the Next Button

Step 6 : You will see a tab which show every images of the peticlure web url which you can pin. So select the save button on the image which you want to pin.

extra large pin board

Step 7 : After you click the save button new tab will open like bellow image . In right hand side you can see the boards which you create in your interest account. In bellow image there is a box called “Tell us about this pin” in here you need to add what is this pin is about in several words. Use #tag for seo whether necessary in it.  Once your successfully add that words cilck the relevent bord so this image will save in to that Pintrest board. 

pin board ideas

By following mentioned step by step process you can easily make your own pin board .