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How to Optimize Inpage Seo WordPress (Yoast Seo Plugin)

Yoast Plugin is use to Optimize Inpage Seo WordPress and this  is one of the best plugin for do inpage optimizations of wordpress. This is  By using this plugin you can create a keyword optimized in to article which got higher search ranking value. In our previous article we have discussed how to install and activate yoast seo plugin. Today we are plan to disucss on how to do inpage seo using this plugin.

Optimize Inpage Seo WordPress using Yoast Plugin

Once you have created a new article post after you install yoast seo plugin , it will display like bellow.  In botton of the article you will see some settings to get optimized

There are two sections need to get optimized under seo  such as Readability and Keyword.



Optimize Inpage Seo WordPress


Under Readability you need to optimize your text which others can easity to read.There are three colors under this section

Red Color – Indicate that Its need to improve

Yellow Color – Ok

Green – Good

YOast Plugin

Keyword section

In her you can the SEO title , Slug and Meta Discription herwith for more search rank for inpage seo. In here the green bar show that the length of text are under perfect match and orange color show that you need to do some adjustment in to the text for better optimization.  There are several suggestions shows under this section for better inpage optimization.

Make sure that your readability and SEO should be in green color befor you publish the post in your website. This will crete good seo optimization in Inpage which is highly essential for ranking on google and other serch engine.