How to Optimize WordPress Codes Using Plugin (Autoptimize)

To improve the performance and ranking of the  website it is essential to have better loading speed. The speed of the website is depending on several factors such as Number of images, HTML coding, and other technical coding and settings. If you have no idea about coding or software engineering background, it’s really hard to optimize these code. Today Im going to explain about a plugin which can  Optimize WordPress Codes . This plugin can use very easily even if you dont have any knowledge about coding.  For that you need to install plgin call Autopitmize

Install the Autoptimize Plugin to  Optimize WordPress Codes

Go to the Plugin section and click Add New . Then search “Autoptimize” and you can see the correct plugins by following screen shot. Click Install and activate this plugin for optimize the codes.

Autoptimize  plugin


Check the Necssry Codes to Optimize

After you install the plugin go to Setting section and click Autoptimize under this section. Now you will go to setting page of autoptimize plugin like bellow.  Now what all you need to do is click the relevent check box to optimize the relevent codes. For optimize HTML code click the check button under it. Like wise there are several coding options such as

  • HTML Codes
  • JavaScript Code
  • CSS Codes

Optimize WordPress CodesAfter you click the necessary check box you can simply Click “Save Changes” button to save the setting and optimize your codes. Now by installing a plugin you can easily optimized code even if you don’t have any idea about the coding on WordPress.