How to Create RSS Feed Using Google Feedburner

Feed service is necessary when consider in search engine optimization. There are several feed service available . You can also create RSS Feed Using Google Feedburner very easily. Google also own a feed service call feedburner and you can login in using your google account and benefit all the features.

RSS Feed Using Google Feedburner to Your Site

Step 1: Go to or search feedburner in google and click the first google result. After that you need to login using your current google account.

Step 2 : After you successfully login to feed burner service you can see following tab .In here you need to add the url of your website domain. 

Step 3: A new table will open like following an in her you need to select the domainname/feed/ check button and click next again.

google feedburner


Step 4 : Now enter feed title in to this feed burner section (Normally add the title of your blog).  Feed address will appear like in here you can fill up what ever the address which you can use . Since my domain is backlinktip I use same word in here. Once you have done click the next button.RSS Feed Using Google Feedburner

Step 5 : Now you have successfully crate your own feedburner feed for your website. Your feed address will display like bellow. Copy your feedburner feed address and put wherever you need to install your feed.

feedburner email subscriptions


Step 6: Now there are additional features will show up to improve the performance of the feedburner service. Add feature if you need to do. feedburner email subscription form

Step 8: Once you have successfully compleated the process and enter your feed address in address bar you will see the appearance like following.  feedburner email subscription code

This will show how your website appear in this feedburner service. You can add this feedburner address in to RSS directories and other necessary places where ask for backlink purposes. By using this service you can also create feedburner email subscription service too.

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