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How to Submit Your Site to RSS Directory for Free (Feedage)

Submit Your Site to RSS Directory  is another method to create back links in to your site. Apart from backlink you can also able to create traffic in this method too.RSS directory submission is one of the famous backlink generation method which you can easily apply. There are so many rss directory services available which you can submit your url without any cost. Today we are going to discuss how to submit your website to one of the famous rss directory call

Step by step method to Submit Your Site to RSS Directory


Get register and login to Feedage


First go to the website called and get register by clicking “Sign Up”. after you get register login to the site.
Submit Your Site to RSS Directory

Login and go to My Feeds

Once you have successfully login go to the Dashboard section and in here you can see a tab call My feed. So click my feed tab to submit your rss feed. Once you did the process you will receive a tab like following screen shot . Now you can see there is a link at the bottom says “Submit a RSS feed” . Click the link  of Submit a RSS feed and you will go to new tab which got space to enter your website information.

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Submit Your Site to RSS Directory

In this space you need to add your feed details. In feed title add the Name of your website. In URL section you need to enter rss feed of your website not your weburl. In our previous article we have discuss how to create rss feed for your website using feed burner.  How to Create RSS Feed Using Google Feedburner

So create a feed for your website and enter your feed address in to URL section and click the save button.

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Check it

Now you will receive a table like following screenshot that your website submitted on the website.

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Hope that you have get some basic idea on how to add your website to rss directory. The process is much similar to submit your website to other rss feeds also.