How to properly syndicating on other website ( is syndicating website which you can generate traffic aswell as create high-quality backlinks in to your site. There are so many good syndication sites available on net  and is one of the great site. Following are step by step process to you can syndicating on other website very easy and effecty way in short time period.

Get Register and Login

First go to website and need to get register in this site. For that click the sign up button at the top and fill the necessary information and get register yourself in this site. You need to get login after sign in to this site.


Click Add New Button

Once you have successfully get login , you can see there is a blue button mentioned “Add New” . So click this button to share your site in inbound.

Click Share Something

After you click Add New button a new tab will open which got three option. Since our main purpose is to generate traffic to our site you need to click the “Share something” button.


Enter Blog Post URL

After you click “Share somthing button” a new tab will open which got to fill up. Dont worry you only need to add the web url only . Remember to add the article post url in here to share your article around the audience.



Things to Remember

Once you enter your blog articl url the rest of the area will auto generated. Its better to add additional content too.
* Important : remember to share content under right category . In follwiong screenshot you can see I publish my inbound post under Blogging category which related to my article. So select the right category before you post your content in inbound.


Wait to Get Review

Once you have sucessfully enter the nessary details you can generated your syndication on site. Remember you content need get reviewed and publish by team. So create high quality post to get approve by team.

 By following above simple method you can easily create a syndicating on other website  post on inbound website.