Table of Content

Add Table of Content in WordPress (TOC+) Plugin

Sometimes to have better view its better to add a Table of Content in WordPress site. This is also good for increase user satisfaction of your site.  When your article is really huge its very easy to understand on what are the content in side in this article by looking the table of content. Sometimes you have seen a site like Wikipedia is also use this technique. If you are want to create a table of content you need to create it by manually by interlinking sections in to article. Today im  going to explains a simple plugin which can create table of content automatic.

Install TOC+ and Activate the Plugin

First you need to go to the plugin section and go t to Add New Plugin. Then search the plugin call “Table of Content Plus” . You can see the correct plugin under the screenshot.  You need to install the plugin and activate it.

Improve the Apperance Using Settings

Once you have activate the plugin go to the Settings-> TOC+ section for setup the settings of this plugin. Now you can see there are several option you can optimize to create a better table of content site.  Subheading which fall under H1, H2, H3 , H4 categories are auto generated as table of content. In Show “When Section ” you can add a number and when your sub headings are large than this number it will appear on table of content site.  Likewise you can do other necessary changes in to your table of content plugin.

Table of Content in WordPress

Once you have successfully setup the plugin your table of content will appear like this . You can also change to appearance by changing the setup of this plugin too by using Table of Content in WordPress .